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How to Pick the Most Breathable Fabric

Update:22 Feb
If you’re looking for the most breathable fabric, you’re probably trying to keep cool in the heat. But there are more ways to staying cool than having breathable fabric. If you’re going to be even a little bit active, you’re really on a quest to find the coolest fabric.We’ll start the discussion with the features you need in fabric, then we will provide some pros and cons for different types of materials.In general, tighter knits or weaves are less breathable fabrics, while more open knits or looser weaves will be more breathable than tight ones.
Thinner materials and finer yarns also affect breath ability. There is a quick, nonscientific way to test it, hold a fabric up and see how much light passes through it,more light suggests more breath-ability.Lightweight breathable fabrics help reduce sweat, but moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials has more advantages to stimulate body’s natural cooling mechanism to evaporate moisture away from the skin.
If your primary activity is to relax, then look for a loose fit;If you buy clothes that can absorb water. it's because you're going to be more active in exercise,  you need to let the clothes touch your skin,clothes don't need to be too tight, and neither need to have big wrinkles either.
Some blended mesh fabric clothing, especially product designed to provide sun protection, includes strategically placed mesh panels and zippered air vents.The following are some of the main features of common thermal fabrics. It should be noted that the characteristics of each fabric are quite different. In addition, clothing manufacturers can mix fabrics to achieve different properties.

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