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Mesh is a versatile material that is made from many different types of fibers

Update:18 Nov
Mesh is a versatile material that is made from many different types of fibers. Some of the fibers used in mesh fabric are nylon, polyester, and copper. All of these fibers have a net finish, making the material highly flexible and easy to care for. Mesh is also inexpensive, making it a viable option for many applications.
Aside from being breathable, mesh fabric is also very lightweight. Because of this, it is common to find this fabric in gym wear. Leading athletic wear companies have even branded this fabric for workout gear. This fabric is also known for its shape-wear properties and is great for active wear. Despite the benefits of mesh, it is not without drawbacks.
A blend of a variety of fibers is used to create mesh fabrics. The polymers are usually solid after the reaction, but when the polymers are melted, they form strands that can be spun into mesh fabric. The strands are then shipped to textile manufacturing facilities to be woven into the desired shape. Manufacturers can weave nylon and polyester fibers into various designs, including square and hexagonal patterns. The polymer fibers can be dyed as well to create a patterned mesh.

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