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There are many types of outdoor furniture fabrics to choose from

Update:21 Jul
There are many types of outdoor furniture fabrics to choose from, ranging from hard-wearing linens to lush chenilles and velvets. You can use outdoor fabric to upholster furniture or create privacy curtains, and many fabrics are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. When choosing fabric, though, you should consider your own personal preferences and the environment your furniture will be exposed to. 
You should choose the fabric based on its weather-resistant properties. Polyester and nylon are both cheap and resistant to the elements. Choose the type of fabric that will complement your style and budget. Piece-dyed materials are simply soaked in dye after production, whereas solution-dyed fabrics have dyed fibers that are fully integrated into the fabric. The latter type of fabric is stronger and is better able to stand up to chlorine and saltwater.
While dusting does not do much to clean outdoor furniture fabric, sweeping the surface of the fabric may help remove loose debris. Sweeping is particularly important in spring and early summer when furniture tends to collect pollen and other surface debris. If you don't sweep before scrubbing, you may be working dirt into the fabric and causing stains. Moreover, don't forget to rinse the outdoor furniture fabric thoroughly after cleaning it with a gentle detergent.
The outdoor fabric should also be treated with a UV-resistant agent because the sun can cause the fabric to fade easily. Untreated fabric can also be eaten away by mold and microbes. Hence, it is better to choose a treated fabric. Nonetheless, if you do choose to use an outdoor fabric, consider the climate. Remember that outdoor furniture is meant to be out in the open, so choosing the right fabric is essential.
One of the best choices for outdoor furniture is an olefin, which is both fade-resistant and quick-drying. An olefin is also a popular option for cushion covers and inserts. Unlike acrylic, it is also eco-friendly, durable, and water and stain-resistant. Olefin, unlike other outdoor furniture fabric types, can be cleaned using a simple household cleaner like liquid bleach. The only drawback of this fabric is its tendency to snag.

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