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There are several different types of Jacquard weave fabric

Update:02 Sep
Jacquard fabric is often used in home decor textiles, upholstery fabrics, and clothing. Its durable structure and stretchability make it an excellent choice for high-end upholstery fabrics. Additionally, the jacquard fabric is ideal for creating durable, comfortable garments. 
Modern jacquard looms were invented in the 1980s. These machines automated the intricate weaving process and cut costs dramatically. Since the machines did not require skilled craftsmen to use them, the process was more efficient and safer for both the designer and the consumer. This fabric is now widely available to the general public and is often used in tablecloths and bedspreads.
There are several different types of Jacquard weave fabric. Some are more complicated than others, such as brocade. Brocade can be produced with a conventional loom, but brocatelle is produced exclusively with a Jacquard loom. This type of fabric is usually heavier than brocade and has raised patterns.
The weaving of a Jacquard weave fabric involves weighing each yarn separately. The yarns in the warp and weft are weighed and calculated to determine the yarn number. Jacquard weaves are made with yarns of different types: filament, chopped fiber, cotton, polyester, viscose, and viscose. The weaver must also take into account the physical attributes of the fiber, such as textured, intermingled, and twisted yarns. A skilled weaver can use the most appropriate method for estimating yarn numbers.
The Jacquard loom changed the face of weaving. This unique weaving technique made it possible to use punch cards to regulate the weaving process. The early days of jacquard weaving required manual winding around multifaceted textures, which was slow and expensive. However, the Jacquard loom made it possible to use multiple colored threads that were woven into predetermined patterns.
The process of weaving a Jacquard weave fabric is labor intensive. However, the process is now computerized, resulting in complex designs that can't be achieved with manual threading. This type of fabric is most common in upholstery and fashion clothing. It can also be produced with synthetic fibers.

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