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What is jacquard weave fabric

Update:22 Jun
Jacquard fabric is a kind of intricately patterned material. Its patterns are incorporated into the fabric's weave with a slight raise. Unlike other fabrics, the jacquard fabric is resistant to fading and fraying. Jacquard is a modern form of brocade. Its unique weave pattern makes it versatile. It can be used for curtains, upholstery, and soft furnishings. Jacquard fabrics can have any pattern you want.
The process of weaving a jacquard textile starts with a draft plan. The weaving machine has several parts and can be customized. The weft and warp density is measured to determine the capacity of the weave pattern. The warp and weft reports and the warp-weft system can also be changed. The fabric can then be pressed and embroidered, and it can even be burned. It is possible to repeat the pattern of the jacquard textile if the weaving machine has the right tools and a suitable weaving plan.
The jacquard weave fabric is produced on special weaving looms that use a mechanism called the jacquard. The intricate designs created with this pattern are usually much stronger than those produced with basic weaves. In addition, jacquard weave fabric is generally patterned with a different design every time it is used. It is often colored and treated with compound substances. The jacquard weave fabric is used for making clothing, but current style fashion designers use electric looms to create this fabric. 

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