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How to choose carpet fabric

Update:24 Mar
Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, carpets can give us a soft feeling. Today we will take a look at what carpet fabrics are and how to choose carpet fabrics.
What are the carpet fabrics?
At present, there are many types of carpet fabrics on the market. According to their raw materials, they are mainly divided into wool carpets and chemical fiber carpets. Among them, wool carpet, as its name implies, is a kind of carpet cloth made of wool as the raw material of carpet cloth. Its wool is fine and has good natural elasticity. Static electricity, no dust absorption, not easy to age, sound-absorbing and warm-keeping, and natural flame retardant properties. The appearance of carpet cloth is exquisite and fashionable, the color is elegant and extravagant, and the decorative effect is excellent, which is deeply loved by consumers.
The chemical fiber carpet is a carpet cloth made of nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, and other chemical fibers. Its biggest feature is that its wear resistance is very strong. Corrosion, not easy to mildew, long service life.
Carpet cloth purchasing skills
look at the appearance
Check whether the surface of the carpet is smooth; whether there are flaws, oil spots, and color differences; whether the back of the carpet has peeling, glue leakage, etc.
see the area of ​​use
The main places where household carpets are generally used are in the bathroom, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Choose according to the space size and humidity of the area of ​​use. Bathrooms and toilets are basically made of pure cotton or synthetic fiber carpets, which can play a non-slip effect.
see color fastness
When choosing a carpet, you can use your hands or a test cloth to rub the carpet surface several times to see if there is any color on your hands or the test cloth. It is prone to discoloration and fading during use, which affects the aesthetic effect of the carpet in laying and use.

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