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How to match the placemat

Update:17 Mar
1. According to the color of the table.
If the whole table is mostly white, then simply use the same white napkin, then it is best to see fresh and natural flowers on the napkin. When choosing flowers, pay attention to the matching of flower patterns. If it is a slender flower pattern, there is a noble temperament, which can complement the European style.
2. According to the style and characteristics of the home.
Although the traditional pattern is rich in color and has a lively atmosphere, it conflicts with the European-style furniture style, and the dining table is messy.
3. According to the owner's decoration atmosphere and preferences.
For example, coasters, if you choose natural materials instead of plastic materials, you can give a natural atmosphere to the life of home dining. The grass and rattan placemats bring tropical flavors, and the texture of hemp is the best, which can give a simple and elegant feeling.
Placemat cleaning method
1. After each use, it should be cleaned and dried. It should be refreshed with disinfectant every few days. When using a disinfectant, it needs to be washed thoroughly.
2. When drying with a machine, the temperature must be maintained at about 40 degrees Celsius.
3. It is best to dry it with natural air, do not wring it out by hand to avoid wrinkles.
4. Non-white napkins, please do not bleach.

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