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What are the types of furniture fabrics?

Update:20 Jan
Sofa will involve a lot of fabric knowledge, and I will introduce the types and functions of commonly used fabrics for sofas.

1. Pure cotton sofa:
Pure cotton fabric sofas are soft and breathable. The market is mainly based on pure cotton sofas, and the pastoral style pure cotton sofas are the current trend.

2. Flannel sofa:
Flannel, like animal fur, has the characteristics of being delicate and soft. Whether it is corduroy or suede, the sofa made of it is very comfortable, but due to the high quality of the material, the price of the flannel sofa will be higher.

3. Linen sofa:
Good air permeability and thermal conductivity are the main functions of hemp fiber. The linen sofa has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. It can solve the problem of overheating of the sofa in summer. From the style point of view, the linen sofa has a self-heating and simple temperament.

4. Blended sofa:
At present, the main form of blended sofa is cotton and chemical fiber material blending, which has functions with different fibers. Of course, the quality of the blended sofa is definitely not as good as that of natural fibers, but the price of the blended sofa is relatively low.

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