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What material is the tablecloth made of?

Update:27 Jan
The common tablecloths on the market today are roughly divided into cloth products, plastic products, and plastic products. With the advantages of "good waterproof and oil-proof effect and easy to scrub", plastic and plastic tablecloths are very popular. Many plastics and plastic tablecloths are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Although they are non-toxic, the vinyl chloride released when heated is a toxic substance, which may lead to liver cancer. If vinyl chloride is added with plasticizers, it will also contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium, which are especially easily absorbed in the grease in high-temperature food and in the sweat of hands, endangering people's health. The colorful tablecloths, due to the addition of various pigments, are mixed with food after fading, which is not conducive to health.
Dong Jinshi suggested that it is best not to use plastic tablecloths. If you must use them, you must pay attention to the material of the tablecloth. If it is polyethylene, do not buy it. It is safer to choose polypropylene. In comparison, natural cloth products are safer, contain no chemicals, and are easier to clean.
It also needs to be reminded that in the process of using the tablecloth, we should pay attention to try not to directly contact the food with the table, especially the high temperature and high oil. Also, if the tablecloth becomes hard, cracked, etc., do not use it.
"Actually, it is best not to lay a tablecloth." Dong Jinshi said that some food residues often fall off the tablecloth, but simply wiping it can't play a role in thorough cleaning. After a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and molds, and food, hands, and various tableware may be "hit", thus affecting health. If you are worried about the table being scalded, you may wish to use a thermal insulation pad, which is made of marble that is both high temperature and fire resistant.

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